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Dress Code Policy

The dress code for Como Park Elementary School is one of practicality and in compliance with Lancaster Central School District Code of Conduct. Students should be appropriately dressed for the school day and weather conditions.

A student’s dress and appearance shall:

  • Not create a distraction that interferes with the educational process.
  • Be appropriate (no short shorts, low hanging jeans, or no bare midriffs).
  • Include footwear (sneakers are recommended) (no flip-flops).
  • Not include headwear in the classroom except for a medical or religious purpose (hats, baseball caps, bandanas, or scarves are not allowed).
  • Not promote and/or endorse the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs and/or encourage illegal or violent activities.
  • Not contain slogans or language that may be offensive.

In the elementary setting, we promote physical activity including Physical Education, recess and/or outdoor play. We highly recommend students wear sneakers or rubber-soled shoes for safety in play. Sneakers are required for Physical Education and on the playground for all students. Flip-flops are also not appropriate footwear for school and will not be allowed during school, after school, or during evenings at the buildings.